• Kanyeihamba ‘threatened’ storms out of court.

    The latest development coming from supreme court indicates that Justice George Kanyeihamba has stormed out of court claiming that his life has been threatened and his application was tampered with. This twist in events was followed by the decision by the expelled MPs to dump Kanyeihamba from their legal team…

  • MP denied award over anti-gays law

    A US group has cancelled an award to MP Christian Bako Abia, over concerns on Uganda’s new stringent Anti-homosexuality law. The MP was due to receive in the award in Washington on Friday, Ms Erika Veberyte, the director of the Women’s Democracy Network (WDN), wrote to the Arua District Woman..

  • Police to arrest more Mbabazi supporters

    Police have vowed to arrest more suspected NRM youth soliciting for signatures to hold a delegates’ conference without approval from the party structures. The police action comes days after they arrested three youth who were soliciting signatures from NRM members pushing to hold a delegates’ conference with a proposal to..