• No threats against me & family-Mbabazi

    Former Prime Minister and Presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi says there is no threat against him following reports that his family was a target by security agencies. Mbabazi’s wife had written to Police calling for investigations into reports that security agencies are planning to harm some members of her family in

  • Buganda Kingdom presents 8 billion budget for 2015/16

    Buganda Kingdom presents a budget of over 8 billion shillings for the financial year 2015/16. Buganda finance Minister Eva Naggwa says they are putting much emphasis on Buganda,s  un completed projects  like Kasubi Tombs , Wamala tombs and Masengere building. Nagawa says that other projects include development of Kabaka’s lake

  • URA closes more companies for non tax compliance

    Uganda revenue Authority Debt Collection department resumes operations against non compliant tax payers within Kampala and the surrounding areas. The enforcement operations are targeting tax payers who have not remitted their income Tax, value added tax withholding tax among others for the financial year ending 2014/14. The Manager Debt Collection

  • Mps demand for a neutral force in South Sudan

    The Parliamentary Forum on the Great Lakes region supports calls that a more neutral force be deployed in South Sudan and the UPDF withdrawn should the peace process in the country take longer than it was anticipated. By April this year it was reported that Uganda had spent about 16.2

  • Govt starts recruiting extension workers at the sub county

    Government starts recruiting extension workers at every sub county to help provide farmers with the needed information on their agricultural undertakings. State minister for agriculture Vincent Ssempijja says district service commissions have been instructed and allowed to advertise and start the recruitment exercise. Ssempijja says each sub county will have

  • Defense & internal affairs committee wants NGO bill revisted

    The Defense and Internal affairs committee pledges to ensure that clauses perceived to be obnoxious in the proposed NGO amendment bill 2015 are revisited so that the final law facilitates rather than introducing control measures against the None Governmental Organizations. The NGO sector has repeatedly raised concerns against the bill